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Frequently Asked Questions About FINORT.MEDIA

What is the booking process ?

After we receive your message, email or phone call, we establish an online meeting, in order to know each other and to see what do you need for your project. This meeting will help us to see how we can customize our service based on your details, itinerary and wishes.

After the meeting, we will send you the Production Plan & Agreement and the invoice for the deposit. Once deposit is received, we will officially confirm in writing by email, that you have booked us for your project.

What happens after the booking confirmation and until the shooting day?

After we confirmed your booking, we will keep in touch by email or phone and update on-the-go the itinerary and other small details, if this is needed.

If there is no need for any updates until the shooting day, we will nevertheless follow you up with 1-2 days to make sure we are on track and if it's anything changed or to see if there are any other aspect for which we should be aware of. :) 

In how much time do you deliver the photographs and/or the videos ?

We deliver after 7-10 days after the shooting, depending on how busy is the period. We will set up and communicate a precise date for delivery in our planning phase.

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